Insight Services believes substance related and behavioral addictions are manifestations of an aggressive and progressive disease, which needs to be treated in the same manner—aggressively and progressively.  At the same time, we understand addictions are experienced in different ways, and we strive to address the unique contexts in which they occur.

Ours is an abstinence-based program committed to holding clients to the highest level of accountability through compliance with the structure of treatment (including attendance and random monitoring—which may include urinalyses, breathalyzers and/or monitored medication—and through attainment of specific treatment goals that identify measurable change. Individuals are assessed to determine the progression of the disease and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to include individual, group, family, and community-based resources at a frequency clinically indicated.

We also expose clients to 12-step principles and require them to develop sober supports either through participation in AA, NA or through other community-based programs that meet recovery goals.  We do this because the principles constitute a roadmap for navigating important experiences in life.  In addition, repeated research has demonstrated 12-step programs are an important adjunct to achieving lasting transformation.

Consistency over time is a strong predictor of success, and it has often taken many years for substance misuse difficulties to develop.  Therefore, treatment plans typically range from six months to two years in order to provide clients the time and the tools to give them the best opportunity for long-term sobriety.

All Individuals are assessed prior to starting treatment to determine the progression of their addiction issues in order for a comprehensive treatment plan to be developed to include individual, group, family, monitoring services and community-based resources at a frequency clinically indicated. Individuals who participate in Substance Related or Behavioral Addictions Treatment at Insight Services agree to follow treatment recommendations as designed by the treatment team.