Insight Services, PLLC offers one of the few comprehensive DBT programs in the area and the only one that incorporates substance abuse treatment services, if indicated.  The program contains the four traditional components in addition to our unique yoga therapy component.


  • Individual Therapy:  Weekly individual therapy is provided by your primary therapist and structured according to a hierarchy of treatment, including reviewing homework and targeting specific behaviors that are identified as part of each participant’s individualized treatment plan. 
  • Skills Training Group:  Weekly Skills Training Group is structured as a classroom in which participants will learn specific skills within four modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.  Participants are expected to listen, take notes, and engage in exercises and discussions.
  • Coaching Calls:  Program participants are able to access a DBT coach 24/7 to obtain assistance in utilizing skills when emotions may be particularly intense.  Participants are encouraged to make coaching calls to better generalize the information being learned to their personal environments. 
  • Consult Team:  DBT group facilitators and individual therapists meet once weekly to continue their training and to collaborate in program development.   
  • Yoga Therapy:  Weekly yoga therapy serves as a direct venue to practice the Mindfulness skills learned in the weekly Skills Training group.  Yoga Therapy also offers experiential learning opportunities to help individuals find alternative ways of tackling concerns surrounding stressors of life. One learns to respect and honor the body’s internal cues by becoming more aware of the body and its functioning while coming to a greater emotional peace.