This group has a specific curriculum designed to guide the individual to a comprehensive understanding of the disease of addiction and the role it has played in the adverse effects on one’s life.  The group process is helpful for participants to find support and feedback from others.  It is designed to support the abstinence based-program offered at Insight Services, exposing clients to 12-step based principles and other community-based resources.  The curriculum explores topics such as

      • Disease of addiction and the addiction cycle
      • Identifying and managing triggers and cravings
      • Thinking Errors 
      • Coping with stress and negative emotions 
      • Family roles and identifying healthy supports 
      • Boundary setting
      • Healthy communication such as, listening skills, scripting needs, whole messages 
      • Nutrition and exercise
      • Changing people, places, things 
      • Immediate relapse prevention planning 
      • Getting the most out of treatment. 

Clients are provided the foundation pieces to stabilize in their recovery and to be prepared to actively participate in the other modalities of their treatment plan.