Group therapy provides adults with substance related or behavioral addictions a process group in adjunct to their individual and family therapy sessions.  The group process is helpful for participants to find support and feedback from others.  It is designed to support the abstinence based-program offered at Insight Services, exposing clients to 12-step based principles and other community-based resources and assisting them with developing the tools necessary to manage their disease beyond treatment.  Special attention is paid to the existence and management of co-occurring disorders through understanding the symptoms, origin, and application of skills.  

This process provides a safe environment for individuals to explore difficult emotions and risk new reactions to thoughts and behaviors while receiving feedback, guidance and support.  It allows individuals to develop insight through recognition their disease is not unique and, therefore, the solution is not unique.  Members are provided alternative perspectives through which to view their issues and new methods for managing thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors.  The therapy group also increases accountability through peers as members are developing new life skills unique to this population.