Welcome to Insight Services, an innovative counseling center committed to developing
healthy individuals and families through comprehensive and progressive programs for
treating mental health and substance related or behavioral addictions.

At Insight Services, we work as a team so each client gains the benefit of all of our
clinicians’ knowledge, experience and skills. See About Us to learn more about team
members and what each brings to the process.

Our Philosophy incorporates three major areas: Mental Health and Wellness –
Psychological Evaluation – Substance Related or Behavioral Addictions Treatment.


Am I experiencing persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

Have I lost interest in daily activities, having persistent sleep difficulties or changes in appetite or weight?

Do I find myself having an increased feeling of anxiety or panic, have difficulty concentrating or making decisions?

Have I experienced a recent loss and find it difficult to grieve or move forward?

My son or daughter was just caught with marijuana, is it that big of a deal?

Have friends or family suggested you drink too much?

Are you struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction and need to know options?

Am I compulsively eating, gambling too much, or having a difficult time curbing my spending?

Am I reliving a negative experience or trauma?  Is it interfering with my ability to manage daily activities or disrupting my dreams?

Am I experiencing an increase in anger with less of an ability to understand and manage it?

Are others expressing concerns that I have not seemed like myself for awhile?

Do I have the feeling that nobody understands or is listening to me?.

Am I worried that I’m not “normal”?

Do I grapple with the sense that I’m just not living up to my potential?


Our Facility is Designed to Inspire Confidence

We have found our clinical approach causes clients to have a very personal investment in their treatment and recovery.

Our offices are an indication of what sets us apart.  We maintain a modern, professional and welcoming office building.  We have invested in our facility because we believe our facility represents our investment in your successful treatment.