This is no ordinary Yoga!  This is no ordinary group therapy! 

Insight Services has partnered with Finding Om Yoga Therapy to offer experiential learning opportunities to incorporate the concepts gained in traditional talk therapy with the benefits of exploring body and spirit.

This program helps individuals find alternative ways of tackling concerns surrounding stressors of life and those unique to substance related and behavioral addictions. Through Yoga Therapy, one learns to respect and honor the body’s internal cues by becoming more aware of the body and its functioning while coming to a greater emotional peace. It is clinically-proven to raise body image, boost self-esteem, decrease anxiety, and lower substance-related and behavioral addiction urges.

We have developed two program tracks.  One is in conjunction with our substance-related and behavioral addiction program to assist clients dealing with the difficulties of compulsive disorders and is part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  The second is a stand alone service designed to promote general well-being and assist in the management of life’s stressors, including living with a mood disorder, ADHD, or anxiety disorder.  Both are designed around an 8-week cycle of topics including:  disengaging the autopilot ♦ communication, choice & change ♦ guilt, shame & forgiveness ♦ stress action versus stress reaction ♦ stress management and personal power ♦ taking the practice off the mat.

Yoga Therapy combines the benefits of Yoga with the skill and resources of therapy.   Contact us for times offered and cost.